News on Automation and Mobile Robot Technology for Surface Finishing and Paint Application

News on Automation and Mobile Robot Technology for Surface Finishing and Paint Application

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Robosurf Joint Patent filing with customer

Joint Patent filing with Customer

Optimize lives of Workers in ConstructionThe Honor and the Success of a joint Development.Dear valued visitors,Robosurf’s mission is to optimize lives of workers in construction via innovative tools and intelligent empowerment. Therfore we are thrilled to announce, that our company has filed a patent this week for a revolutionary product innovation in collaboration with one

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REOS - Robosurf Easy Operation System

REOS: Easy Robot Operations for Construction without the need for Technicians

Superpowers for Workforce in ConstructionRobosurf construction robots are easy to operate by construction workers and available for use in no time.   REOS & HMI “Robosurf Easy Operation System (REOS) is the user friendly no-code user interface for easy robot operations on construction sites.”Robosurf  Robosurf has launched its “Easy Operating System (EOS)” which allows workers

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The world needs Robots in construction

Revolutionizing Construction: How Robots are Changing the Building Industry

In technology we (must) trust IIThe adoption of robotics in construction is approaching. Will they replace workers? Not really, in most cases they support and make life easier and faster for work in construction.  Operation & HMI “Robosurf leads the way in simplifying robot operation: The company’s no-code user interface allows for easy use by

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How Robosurf is using Artificial Intelligence to improve the performance of its robots on construction sites

How Robosurf uses AI to improve the performance of its Robots

In technology we (must) trustArtificial Intelligence (AI) in physical robotics and computer vision has been steadily increasing in recent years, leading to significant advancements in these fields. Vision & AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) in physical robotics and computer vision has been steadily increasing in recent years, leading to significant advancements in these fields.”Robosurf  In our autonomous

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Robosurf Wizard with Graco Texspray Mark V for spray painting on construction site

Which Construction Site method has the best Performance: A Comparison

Two who get along very well.Current performance comparisons on construction sites with customers show impressive results. CAS – Controlled Application System Typically workresults are depending on experience and talent when it comes to using spray painting machines. The CAS – Controlled Application System from Robosurf helps us to create uniform quality standards that will help

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Controlled automation system for the application of spray filler with autonomous mobile robot

Maximizing Efficiency with the Controlled Application System (CAS) for Sprayable Materials

Optimized Spraying ResultsThe Robosurf CAS – Controlled Application Systems enables optimal results for sprayable material like sprayfiller and spray-painting on surfaces.  CAS – Controlled Application System The common fairing process is prone to mistakes – Incorrect mixing procedures, air entrapment during filler-application, material waste through multiple filler-application and sanding cycles and it consumes high volumes

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Robosurf - autonomous mobile robot technology for surface finishing and paint application announecs production partnership with Pramac

Production Cooperation Robosurf Wizard

PRAMAC and ROBOSURF close strategic partnershipPRAMAC and ROBOSURF close strategic partnership for the production of mobile robot technology for surface finishing and paint application.  Emanuele Mazzi This strategic partnership strengthens our production capabilities and enables us to create further value for our customers in the development of high performance automation technology in construction, industries and

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The Robosurf Team for autonomous mobile robot technology for surface finishing and paint application wishes a happy new year

Happy Holidays

A prosperous and healthy New YearHave our very best wishes for happiness, health and success! As we look forward to the new year, we want to say goodbye to this year and thank our employees, customers, partners and supporters.Amazing opportunities are waiting for all of us! Some thought stimulation we would like to share:Quotes we

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Robosurf Autonomous mobile robot technology for surface finishing and paint application - steeframe basis amr close up

AMR Steelframe

Robust Structure – Built ToughEvery detail of a Robosurf Wizard is designed for the highest functionality, quality and maximum performance. The steel frames of our own AMR platform are masterpieces in terms of robustness and stability. They are the platform on which our robot technology for the automation of surface finishing and spray paint application

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Thank you Mets!Overall, it was fantastic to meet with our friends and colleagues from the Industry again in person. Although the security precautions regarding Covid were a bit interesting, it was good to finally be able to meet again in person.We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback on our latest achievements in terms of automated

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Robosurf Autonomous mobile Robots for surface work and paint application security lights


Let there be lightIn alignment with Industry 4.0 standards, Robosurf autonomous mobile robots incorporate various security measurements. The autonomous mobile robots are equipped with emergency stop devices to avoid dangerous situations and drive around obstacles.State of the art laser technology secures the area around the mobile robot with 360 all-round protection. Sounds and lights provide

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Robosurf autonomous mobile robot technology for surface work and spray painting base frame steel

Solid Foundation

Starting Point for the Next StepsA solid foundation is always important. In our case, it is a steel frame with a weight of around 1,000kg in its beautiful raw state.Here we will mount the robotic arm of our new Robosurf Wizard in the next few days in order to carry out extensive tests.The robot arm

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Robosurf PHS mobile disinfection robot

Mobile Disinfection Robots

Mobile robot technology for the disinfection of rooms and surfaces helps to reduce the risk of infection and to increase safety for people.The Robosurf PHS system combines the effect of ultraviolet radiation with ozone diffusion for the rapid sterilization of bacteria, molds, fungi, viruses and microorganisms both in air and in water. The PHS is a

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Robosurf EU Swiss Framework Agreement

EU-Swiss Institutional Framework Agreement

Internal News on the effect of the EU-Swiss Institutional Framework AgreementChange of Location Robosurf – Mobile Robot Technology for Surface Treatment and Paint Application – moves HQ and ProductionHamburg, Pisa, June 1, 2021Based on the unilateral Swiss decision to terminate the negotiation regarding the “EU-Swiss Institutional Framework Agreement”, Robosurf is going to proceed its operational

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robosurf mobile robot technology for surface work and spray painting

Overspray Control

Preventing Overspray to less pollute the environmentThe manual application of paint using spray guns has developed into a standard method of efficiently coating large areas and objects.As a current state-of-the-art like process, the coating takes place in specially sealed rooms, so-called paint shops, or by sealing objects through “individual tents or masking” so that no

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ROBOSURF - automation solutions for sustainability

Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Program

The yachting industry is aware of its responsibility and is making fantastic efforts to meet the growing sustainability requirements for the preservation of our oceans. Also, new and younger yacht enthusiasts join as a new group of buyers and drive the industry to change as well.The Water Revolution Foundation has set itself the task of

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ROBOSURF Robot Podcast Favourites

Robot Podcast Favorites

Podcast Resources about Robotics and Automation from The Robot Industry Podcast Work Instruction Automation with VKSVKS digitises work instructions. VKS is an industry 4.0 software platform that helps companies that assemble and have high-mix, medium volume assembly automation.  Collaborative Welding Robots for Pipe Fabrication with Novarc TechnologiesAmazing Welding CoBots with great benefits for the Maritime

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Hull Fairing of a Superyacht – Hullwork inside vs. outside

Hull Fairing and inside insulation work often do not play out well together in the building process of a Superyacht. Hotworks inside the hull can negatively impact the filler application process during the building of a Superyacht. The fairing process, which has remained unchanged for almost a century, is considered inefficient and labor-intensive. Automated processing

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ROBOSURF - Tech Talk Mets Trade 2020 - Sustainability and Automation

Tech Talk – The Shipyard Mets Connect 2020

There was an amazing online panel discussion during #MetsConnect 2020.Participants were Rene Bremer, AkzoNobel, Bram Jongepier, De Voogt Naval Architects (Feadship) and Robert van Tol, Waterrevolution Foundation.The panel discussion around sustainability of superyachts and sustainable production for shipyards were, moderated by Martin Redmayne, The Superyacht Group. From our point of view, all topics related to

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ROBOSURF Happy new year 2021

Happy New Year

On behalf of the ROBOSURF team, we wish you a healthy and happy new year. 9 robotics predictions for 2021, we would like to share with you. Have a great start into a healthy and prosperous 2021. 

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ROBOSURF Vision AI and Robotics Experts Panel summary

Current status on Vision Robotic and AI – what the Experts have to say I

AI sure is a buzzword when it comes to automationIs the combination of AI and Vision the next big thing when it comes to robotics and automation?Though AI is often understood differently, AI is a trending topic in automation. People know about it, people want to talk about it and people want to learn more

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Robosurf CoBot Sanding

Current status on Co-Bot automation – what the Experts have to say I

Co-Bots can already help with 70-80% of the tasks*What is it like, when some of the greatest minds in the robotic industry come together and exchange their ideas for the future?Absolutely fantastic and we are grateful to have been able to join the online panel discussion with Mark Cuban (Entrepreneur and Robotics Investor), Enrico Krog

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Helsinki University AI Online-course

Great initiative from Helsinki University to offer free online courses on the important topic of Artificial Intelligence. An amazing amount of more than 550.000 people worldwide have already signed up the free online course. Not few are of the opinion that the topic of Artificial Intelligence will become as important as electricity for everybody.  Let’s see and

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ROBOSURF mobile construction robots for surface finishing and paint application

3D Laser-scan Technology

We are often asked which 3D laser-scan technology we would recommend for the best results. In general, as well as in combination with our robots. With a clear conscience and based on our previous experience, we are happy to share our favorite 3D laser-scan technology with you:Leica another important note:When putting together the paint cloud,

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Robosurf - The advantages of a filler map for hull fairing with robot technology

The advantages of a 3D Scan in Superyacht building

Robosurf Hull Fairing and Robot Filler Application – Advanced Technology in the Superyacht Building ProcessWhen building superyachts, traditional hull fairing and filler application processes are not entirely using modern automation possibilities. Therefor there is potential boost to increase efficiency and accuracy. However, Robosurf offers an alternative solution that delivers multiple benefits (link) and reduces the

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ROBOSURF - impact on lifecycle

How does Robot Technology can have an impact on the Lifecycle of a Superyacht?

Fairing Robots – an alternative to traditional manual processesSuperyachts are often perceived to have a negative impact on sustainability due to their high carbon footprint and potential harm to marine ecosystems. However, there are efforts being made in the industry to reduce their environmental impact through more sustainable materials, technology, and practices. At the same

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ROBOSURF - automation key to post-pandemic production

Automation Key to post-pandemic Production

Automation is key to post-pandemic production

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ROBOSURF more jobs and more automation post covid

More Jobs and more Automation in the Post Covid Economy

More Jobs and more Automation in the Post Covid Economy

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Congratulations Heesen Yachts!

The documentary about "the yacht that could not be built" is a masterpiece of entrepreneurial courage, the Dutch art of engineering, and an example of what can happen when the right people come together at the right time!

The First 3D printed Boat

The University of Maine broke three world records when it unveiled a boat produced by its polymer 3D printer. The 3D printer can produce objects as long as 100 feet, and printed a 25 foot, 5,000-pound patrol boat in just 72 hours.

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