Mobile Robot Technology
for Surface Finishing and automation of  Paint Application  

Discover the next Generation of Surface Treatment Automation

ROBOSURF develops and manufactures autonomous mobile robots with a variety of App Kits for Surface Work and Paint Application. 

Several Apps within one App Eco System enable serial or tailor-made mobile robots to automate different tasks and processes for construction, industry and shipyards. 
The leading App usage provides investment and future security due to its upgradable composition. 

The autonomous mobile robot system is built tough to outperform in industrial shipyard environments. Selfunderstood that the robots are available in water-proof or APEX (anti explosives) as well.

Robosurf TPainter - Autonomous mobile Robot for Surface Work and Paint Application

Permanent testing and research lead to the development of marketable innovations.
Here: T-Painter with Robot Arm, CIS-Compensation-Intelligence-Software, Stability Test at the RPG Innovation Lab in Pisa. 

Have a look at a best practice example for Shipyards:
Fairing of a Hull and Surface Work Process


Robosurf operates its app eco system currently with three mobile robot versions:

to operate in heights up to 17m - ideal to work on Hull areas, Superstructures, Tanks, Buildings and large Objects.

to operate in heights
up to 7m - to work on lower areas and Hull bottom and large Objects

to operate in heights up to 3.3 m - ideal to work on surfaces, scaffoldings or on construction sites on walls and ceilings.  

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Autonomous Mobile Robots for Construction
Autonomous Mobile Robots for Shipyards

22.02. / The Robosurf Wizard ProLine X2 is taking shape to be working on construction sites and shipyards.

“ ROBOSURF offers an eco-system of multiple app-usages for the robot such as grinding, milling, sandblasting, welding as well as primer/filler application within one mobile system. ”

Why mobile?


Mobility increases functionality!

Traditional robotic arms are typically organized in gantry systems. They are bolted to factory floors or ceilings, where work can only be performed within the limits of the robot's workspace.

By integrating robotic arms with mobile platforms, tasks and processes no longer have to be performed in a static location.

The robot can move to any location to perform a desired task. Mobility allows production to think about the function of robotics differently when compared to traditional manual work or traditional industrial robots.

Mobility can come in different forms based on the application and the environment. Mobile robots can have wheels, tracks, and even legs. No matter the form, the platform must provide the proper level of stability and power to enable the attachment of robotic

arm(s) to operate seamlessly with the base.

ROBOSURF provides its technology in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards.  

The reduction of the risks of accidents and environmental pollution, increased quality, 
less costs and production times are the objectives we would like our customers to achieve by using our technology.

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