Mobile robot technology

For surface finishing and automation of paint application

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Welcome to the cutting-edge world of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), a transformative force reshaping the landscapes of construction and shipyard industries At the heart of this revolution lies the promise of efficiency, safety, and innovation, driven by the latest advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence. ROBOSURF combines latest innovation to develop transforming tools to empower existing workforce - without the need of dedicated technicians. 

AMR technology

AMRs are intelligent, self-navigating robots designed to perform a wide range of tasks in dynamic and often challenging environments. Unlike traditional automation systems, ROBOSURF robots possess the ability to understand and interact with their surroundings, making them perfectly suited for the complex and ever-changing demands of construction sites and shipyards.

App kits

In the dynamic world of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), versatility is key. That's where our innovative App Kits come into play, offering customizable solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of construction and shipyard projects. These app kits transform our AMRs into specialized tools, capable of performing a variety of tasks with precision and efficiency. From sanding and spraying to drilling, each kit is designed to enhance productivity, improve safety, and deliver unparalleled results.

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A substantial impact on safety

By taking on hazardous tasks and operating in dangerous environments, they minimize the risk of injury to human workers, fostering a safer workplace.


ROBOSURF's innovative modular design marks the beginning of a new era for the use of robots in construction and shipyard operations, offering unprecedented flexibility and scalability. This modular approach simplifies logistics and enhances accessibility, thanks to advanced navigation capabilities and seamless integration of robot arms and tools.

App eco system

Within the ROBOSURF app ecosystem, a variety of applications enable both standardized and customized mobile robots to automate diverse tasks across construction, industry, and shipyards. This ecosystem ensures investment protection and future readiness through its upgradable framework.

The easy customization of app kits such as sanding, drilling or spraying applications enables flexible and quick adaptation to a wide range of tasks.


The integration of autonomous mobile robot technology for tasks such as automated sanding, filler application, and spray painting represents a significant leap forward for various sectors, particularly in the maritime and construction industries, where there is a constant push for process innovation.

These mobile robots can be seamlessly incorporated at different stages of production, offering an easy path to process optimization, business growth, enhanced flexibility, higher output, and superior quality. They also empower skilled workers and provide them the opportunity to concentrate on precision hand-finishing tasks, where their expertise is most needed.

It's superpowers for workforce!

  • Increased Productivity: Streamlining operations for faster completion times
  • Consistent Quality: Maintaining high standards across all tasks
  • Reduced Waste and Consumables: Minimizing excess material use and environmental impact
  • Addressing Skilled Labor Shortages: Filling the gap in the availability of skilled painters
  • Attracting New Talent: Modernizing your operations can draw in a new generation of workers
  • TIME                 

  • Costs            

  • QUALITY              

  • Flexibility    

  • operation

  • environment

  • HEALTH & security         

  • composite works

Faster and 24/7

ROBOSURF operates faster and with a higher efficiency compared with traditional methods. ROBOSURF can operate 24/7 with maximum uptime.

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How many Applications are currently available?

The ROBOSURF App Ecosystem specialises in surface finishing and spray applications, featuring a diverse range of app kits including drilling, welding, grinding with force sensor and sacuum, laser cleaning, milling with vacuum, filler application, polishing, Ssandblasting, fiberglass, and paint application with overspray control (OSC) systems. This dynamic system is continually evolving to meet specific customer needs, offering customization options for unique requirements. We also welcome the development of new apps tailored to your individual customer needs. 

How easy is it to operate the Robots?

The user interface, co-developed with end-users, features a no-code, user-friendly design, ensuring our robots are ready-to-use upon deployment. This simplicity accelerates the setup of even large installations, enabling test users to operate the robots effortlessly without the need for specialized technicians. ROBOSURF robots are designed to empower workers, enhancing their efficiency and safety. Comprehensive training sessions are included as part of our standard installation process, further simplifying integration into your workflow.

How much does the mobile robot weigh?

In its most expansive setup, the ROBOSURF Vertigo, a mobile robot, tips the scales at up to 30 tons and is capable of operating at heights ranging from 2.50m to 17m. The ROBOSURF Horizon, slightly lighter, weighs around 20 tons and functions at heights from 1.50m to 7m. The ROBOSURF Wizard was developed to test a compact, more manageable version for surface finishing and spray applications, weighing approximately 300kg and operational from ground level up to 3.5m. Future iterations will further reduce the weight to around 200kg plus accessories and will feature a modular design for easier handling and logistics.

These robots are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial settings, including construction sites, manufacturing environments, and shipyards, ensuring robust performance and reliability.

How are System updates carried out?

System updates are conducted online, with robots being updated and monitored through secure access channels to minimize downtime. Hardware updates or expansions, depending on the model, are performed on-site. We strive to mitigate any downtime by providing replacement devices from nearby locations whenever possible.

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