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Upgrading construction, industries and shipyards with smart tools and innovative technologies to improve safety and efficiency.

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Leading mobile robot technology for
surface finishing and paint application

At Robosurf, we recognize the complexities of surface finishing and spray painting, alongside the challenges of supplier issues, labor constraints, and the quest for unparalleled quality and service. Our advanced automation solutions, powered by industry 4.0 robotics, are designed to alleviate these burdens by streamlining tasks and processes in surface finishing and paint application, enhancing safety, and boosting efficiency in your production operations.

First mover for automation and robotics in construction and industries with industry experience since 2018. 

Validation and experience on more than 50 construction and industry sites for different use cases. 

A variety of app kits within one app eco system to provide maximum flexibility and areas of use. 

 Key facts about ROBOSURF technology

Efficient tools for daily work

At ROBOSURF, we strive to develop innovative solutions, such as our robot painter "Wizard", to offer solutions that help to cope labor shortage and improve sustainable operations.

The development of Robosurf is aimed at streamlining traditionally hazardous, unhealthy, and resource-intensive operations. The key objective is to achieve customer satisfaction by creating cutting-edge construction technology that allows for more efficient processes and helps promote sustainability.

The ROBOSURF pledge

ROBOSURF offers autnomous mobile robot technology and extends it with a variety of App Kits within one App Eco System.
These serial or tailor-made mobile robot technology adds value by allowing to automate tasks and entire processes that were previously only performed by humans. 

This speeds up processes, and enhances quality. The tailor-made mobility of our own AMR technology provides an advantage edge via different options for motors, wheels and suspensions.

Core innovation

ROBOSURF is at the forefront of robotics innovation, merging artificial intelligence with autonomous mobile technology to redefine the landscape. The pioneering efforts span the development of advanced robotic operating systems, integrating force and vision intelligence, alongside machine learning enhancements. This empowers our robots to tackle demanding physical tasks across construction and industrial sectors with unmatched efficiency.

ROBOSURF'S technology, underpinned by sophisticated machine learning algorithms, facilitates tasks such as identifying structural features and reading codes for swift machine programming. The goal is to advance technologies for mapping, navigation, and surface processing, further reducing the need for human intervention and setting new standards in automation.

Overall a distinctive blend of cutting-edge technologies positions us to deliver intelligent, user-friendly, and cost-efficient autonomous mobile robotic solutions.

Safety and efficiency

ROBOSURF is revolutionizing the construction, industrial, and nautical sectors with its innovative solutions, targeting the global market. Leveraging advanced technology and expert engineering, we specialize in developing, producing, and marketing groundbreaking automated machinery. Our focus encompasses the entire automation lifecycle, from prototyping to the deployment of AI-equipped mobile robots for efficient surface preparation, processing, and treatment on large structures like building walls and ship hulls.

The latest offerings include autonomous devices that have undergone rigorous testing on one of our initial industrial platforms, WIZARD. This platform exemplifies the commitment to automating complex processes with enhanced safety and minimal operator risk. These innovations are designed to augment the capabilities of workers in construction and various industries, effectively granting them superpowers in their fields.



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Patrick has been a central force at ROBOSURF from the beginning, steering a journey marked by groundbreaking developments and overcoming challenges. Despite these obstacles, his resilience and leadership have steered ROBOSURF towards remarkable achievements.
His motivation is to overcome hurdles when carrying out work on live construction sites as well as the complexity of different requirements on the way to customer enthusiasm.

With unwavering dedication, Patrick and the team are on the brink of unveiling revolutionary innovations and robot technology that promises to redefine standards for easy to use robots on construction sites. Stay tuned for the next chapter in ROBOSURF's journey of innovation and excellence. The best is yet to come.

By the way, did you know where the name ROBOSURF comes from?


The name ROBOSURF is derived from ROBO - robotics and SURF - for surfaces. ROBOSURF helps to automate surface finishing and surface work with its state of the art autonomous mobile robots for construction, industries and shipyards. 



How many Applications are currently available?

The ROBOSURF App Ecosystem specialises in surface finishing and spray applications, featuring a diverse range of app kits including drilling, welding, grinding with force sensor and sacuum, laser cleaning, milling with vacuum, filler application, polishing, Ssandblasting, fiberglass, and paint application with overspray Ccontrol (OSC) systems. This dynamic system is continually evolving to meet specific customer needs, offering customization options for unique requirements. We also welcome the development of new apps tailored to your individual customer needs. 

How easy is it to operate the Robots?

The user interface, co-developed with end-users, features a no-code, user-friendly design, ensuring our robots are ready-to-use upon deployment. This simplicity accelerates the setup of even large installations, enabling test users to operate the robots effortlessly without the need for specialized technicians. ROBOSURF robots are designed to empower workers, enhancing their efficiency and safety. Comprehensive training sessions are included as part of our standard installation process, further simplifying integration into your workflow.

How much does the mobile robot weigh?

In its most expansive setup, the ROBOSURF Vertigo, a mobile robot, tips the scales at up to 30 tons and is capable of operating at heights ranging from 2.50m to 17m. The ROBOSURF Horizon, slightly lighter, weighs around 20 tons and functions at heights from 1.50m to 7m. The ROBOSURF Wizard was developed to test a compact, more manageable version for surface finishing and spray applications, weighing approximately 300kg and operational from ground level up to 3.5m. Future iterations will further reduce the weight to around 200kg plus accessories and will feature a modular design for easier handling and logistics.

These robots are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial settings, including construction sites, manufacturing environments, and shipyards, ensuring robust performance and reliability.

How are System updates carried out?

System updates are conducted online, with robots being updated and monitored through secure access channels to minimize downtime. Hardware updates or expansions, depending on the model, are performed on-site. We strive to mitigate any downtime by providing replacement devices from nearby locations whenever possible.

Our journey since pioneering machine learning and robotics for surface work in 2018 has been fascinating, driven not just by cutting-edge technology and a diverse toolkit but also by the expanding horizons of software development. This evolution has culminated in our proprietary software, enhancing the unique benefits of our ROBOSURF mobile robot technology.

With backgrounds spanning various industries and a wealth of traditional process experience, our founders have been passionately committed to modernizing surface work and paint application processes from the outset.

Revolutionizing Surface Work and Paint Application

Soon open positions

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ROBOSURF Vision AI and Robotics Experts Panel summary

Mechanical Engineering

Engineer Jobprofile at Robosurf - mobile robot technology for surface finishing and paint application

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Stay tuned for updates on ROBOSURF and automation innovation for safer and more efficienct work for surface finishing.  

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