About Mobile Robosurf, Construction Tech & Autonomous mobile Robot Technology 

About Robosurf, Construction Tech & Autnomous Mobile Robot Technology 

Robosurf SanDRx - autonomous sanding on walls and ceilings up to 70sqm/h.

The development of Robosurf is aimed at streamlining traditionally hazardous, unhealthy, and resource-intensive operations. The key objective is to achieve customer satisfaction by creating cutting-edge construction technology that allows for more efficient processes and helps promote sustainability.

Did you know?

Where the name "Robosurf" comes from?


In our innovation Lab in Pisa new Ideas, Processes and App Kits are being developed to help our customers from Construction, Industries and Shipyards to thrive. 

Robosurf is an innovative start-up born in Italy and oriented to the international market for construction, industries and nautical sectors.

Robosurf is using cutting-edge technology and highly qualified engineering, aims at the development, production and marketing of new automatic machinery. The company aims to pursue all the typical phases of automation including prototyping to arrive at the realization of mobile robotic devices equipped with artificial intelligence for the preparation, processing and treatment of large surfaces such as, by way of example, the walls of large building constructions or the hulls of large ships in shipyards.

The development, production and marketing of the new devices will allow Robosurf to create and market a completely innovative, autonomous-driving industrial platform called WIZARD which allows the automation of low-tech and high-value processes with low risk for the operator. Robosurf aims to develop new technologies for mapping, navigation and surface processing in an increasingly automatic way, minimizing the intervention of the human operator.

This innovative technology is heavily based on automatic learning algorithms that perform different functions such as the recognition of doors, windows and openings along the walls, the reading and recognition of Codes for a lean and rapid programming of the machine.

Upgrading Construction with smart Tools
Construction Tech & autonomous mobile Robots

Robosurf is pushing the boundaries in robotics through the integration of artificial intelligence and autonomous mobile robotic technology. We are building cutting-edge innovations in areas such as robotic operating systems, force and vision intelligence, and machine learning-based capabilities to enable robots to perform heavy physical tasks in construction and industries efficiently.

Our unique combination of advanced technologies enables us to offer smart, easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions for autonomous mobile robotic systems that give superpowers to workers in construction and industries.

Leading mobile Robot Technology for Surface Finishing and Paint Application

At Robosurf, we understand that completing surfaces and spray painting is a dynamic and intricate process. Companies are being put under strain due to supplier-related complications, labor concerns, and the demand for top-tier quality and service. 

With our increasingly sophisticated systems, Robosurf can help to reduce these pressures by automating tasks and processes. If you are aiming to automate tasks or the whole process of surface finishing and paint application, our robot industry 4.0 technology can assist you in optimizing your production operations.


ROBOSURF offers autnomous mobile robot technology and extends it with a variety of App Kits within one App Eco System.
These serial or tailor-made mobile robot technology adds value by allowing to automate tasks and entire processes that were previously only performed by humans. 

This speeds up processes, and enhances quality. The tailor-made mobility of our own AMR technology provides an advantage edge via different options for motors, wheels and suspensions.

The serial production and testing of our robot technology takes place in Lombardy (IT) and Tuscany (IT). 


ROBOSURF - Keypartner Kuka
ROBOSURF - Keypartner Schunk
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First projects and
Industry experience since 2008

First robotic

projects in 2008

Variety of App Kits within
 one App Eco System 

The reduction of the risks of accidents and environmental pollution, increased quality, 
less costs and production times are the objectives we would like our customers to achieve by using our technology.

Patrick MacHill, Partner and CSO ROBOSURF

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