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Despite being one of the world's largest markets, the construction industry has historically been slow to embrace digitization and automation. However, this trend is poised for a shift due to significant challenges the sector faces. With challenges due to a tough market- and financial environment, the industry is also grappling with a shortage of skilled labor.

A significant portion of the current workforce is nearing retirement, with Yahoo Finance and the Home Builders Institute (HBI) projecting a need for an additional 2.2 million construction workers in the U.S. alone—a scenario mirrored in other countries and sectors. The industry's appeal to new talent is hindered by the perception of construction work as unhealthy, hazardous, and physically strenuous. Moreover, there's a growing demand for enhanced documentation quality, particularly concerning sustainability.

Enter the ROBOSURF robot painter, a solution designed to address these critical issues by alleviating labor shortages, reducing the physical toll on workers, and meeting the increasing standards for sustainability documentation.

Robosurf Wizard ProLine X2 Construction Robot for Surface Finishing and Spray Applications

The Wizard ProLine Series

ROBOSURF embarked on an initial testing phase to evaluate the efficiency and quality of sanding and spray applications for filler and paint. This R&D stage provided crucial insights into the integration of new technology within the construction trades sector, highlighting both effective strategies and approaches to avoid. Unlike other bulky and cumbersome robot models, the Wizard series presented logistical challenges. However, these tests were vital in establishing quality and speed benchmarks in collaboration with industry partners, setting the stage for future development steps.

The next generation of autonomous mobile construction robots is yet to come

ROBOSURF is kicking off the test phase for the next generation of its autnomous mobile construciton robots with key stakeholders of the construction industry. Key aspects include:

  • modularity
  • new arm technology 
  • driveablility
  • focus on sanding
  • new spray application development
  • drilling tool integration

What They Say

This thing is cool - a true gamechanger!

Empowering Tradespeople: Revolutionizing the construction industry with ROBOSURF

In the heart of every construction project lies the skill, dedication, and hard work of tradespeople. At ROBOSURF, we recognize the challenges and demands faced by these professionals daily. Our mission is to support their efforts to thrive, not just by providing tools, but by creating a partnership that fosters a safer, more efficient, and ultimately more rewarding work environment.

Understanding the Needs of Tradespeople

The construction industry is more than just a sector; it's a community of skilled workers who bring our world to life through their craftsmanship. We understand that every nail driven, every wall sanded, and every coat of paint applied is a testament to their commitment to quality. That's why we've designed our technology to complement, not replace, the invaluable human touch that defines the trades.

Safety First, Efficiency Always

Safety is paramount in construction, yet the industry is known for its high-risk environments. ROBOSURF's autonomous mobile robots are engineered to handle hazardous tasks, reducing the risk of injury and allowing tradespeople to focus on aspects of their work that require their irreplaceable expertise. By automating repetitive or dangerous tasks, we're not just enhancing safety; we're also boosting efficiency, enabling projects to be completed faster and with less physical strain on workers.

Creating Opportunities for Growth

By embracing ROBOSURF's technology, tradespeople can open new doors to growth and development. Our solutions not only help in completing projects more efficiently but also in tackling more complex tasks, expanding the scope of what's possible. This creates opportunities for tradespeople to enhance their skills, take on new challenges, and grow their businesses in an increasingly competitive market.

A Partner in Progress

ROBOSURF robots are more than just machines; they are partners in progress. Equipped with a range of app kits for tasks like sanding and spray painting, these robots are designed to adapt to the diverse needs of construction projects. We see the future of construction as a collaborative effort between human creativity and robotic precision, where tradespeople can leverage technology to elevate the quality of their work and the speed of their projects.

At ROBOSURF, we are committed to the success of tradespeople and the construction industry as a whole. We believe that by providing innovative solutions that address the real-world challenges of construction work, we can help tradespeople achieve more, with less risk and effort. Together, we can build a future where every construction project is safer, faster, and more efficient, without ever compromising on the quality that tradespeople take pride in.

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