Mobile Robot Technology
Robot Painter for Surface Finishing and Paint Application 

Best Practice - Construction 

Mobile Robot Technology 
Robot Painter for Surface Finishing and
Spray Painting in Construction

Best Practice - Construction Robot
to work on Walls and Ceilings

Best Practice Construction work on Walls and Ceilings:
Construction Robot Painter for Sanding, Spray Filler and Spray Painting

Although the construction market is one of the largest markets in the world, the industry is a late adopter of digitization and automation technology. 

That is likely going to change since the construction industry is facing enormous challenges. Despite full order books, there is often a lack of skilled workers. 

A whole generation of experienced construction workers will retire in the near future. According to Yahoo Finance and the Home Builders Institute (HBI) there will be an additional demand of 2.2 million construction workers in the US alone. Other countries and industries are facing similar challenges. 
The construction industry appears to be unattractive to new talent as work on construction sites is generally considered unhealthy as most of the work is hazardous and physically demanding.
 In addition, the requirements for documentation quality in terms of sustainability are increasing. The Robosurf Robot Painter has been invented to help the industry cope these pain points.

Robosurf Wizard ProLine X2 Construction Robot for Surface Finishing and Spray Applications

Robosurf Wizard ProLine X2 construction robot and robot painter

With its Wizard ProLine, ROBOSURF offers autonomous mobile construction robots and robot painters. These high performance construction robots are extends with a variety of app kits for surface finishing (sanding) and spray painting (spray filler, spray paint) to automate work on surfaces in the harsh and ever-changing conditions in construction sites. Equipped with the most advanced artificial intelligence features, the Robosurf robot platform includes Industry 4.0 technologies that enable mobile robot painters to work hand-in-hand with workers more flexibly and safely.

The ROBOSURF construction robot offers enormous added value by automating individual tasks and entire processes for robot painting and surface finishing, especially for the sanding of drywalls, walls and ceilings as well as the application of spray filler and spray painting on walls and ceilings.

With Robosurf’s mobile robot painter companies receive new tools that they can use to make their processes more efficient.

The Robosurf Wizard construction robots prevent damage to health, such as working overhead on ceilings or inhaling pollutants.
In addition, dangerous situations can be recognized, which contributes to an increase in labor safety on the construction site.
Robosurf's robot painter has an additional positive impact on sustainability due to the efficient use of material.

The Robosurf Wizard ProLine X2 mobile robot painter is available in combination with the following App-Kits:

  • Sanding on Walls and Ceilings up to 3m heigth (extension to 4m upon request)
  • Spray Filler Application up to 3.70m (extension to 4m+ upon request)
  • Spray Painting up to 3.70m (extension to 4m+ upon request)
  • further App Kits (security, artificial drying, ceiling-speeder) upon request
  • Easy to use no-code interface for easy operations by workers 

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In technology we (must) trust IIThe adoption of robotics in construction is approaching. Will they replace workers? Not really, in most cases they support and make life easier and faster for work in construction. Operation & HMI"Robosurf leads the way in simplifying robot operation: The company's no-code user interface allows for

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In technology we (must) trust IIThe adoption of robotics in construction is approaching. Will they replace workers? Not really, in most cases they support and make life easier and faster for work in construction.  Operation & HMI “Robosurf leads the way in simplifying robot operation: The company’s no-code user interface allows for easy use by

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Automation with ROBOSURF definitely helps to achieve better results.

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