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VINCI UK Construction Robotics and Innovation Event

Robosurf had the privilege of participating in the VINCI UK Construction Robotics and Innovation event together with the geniuses from iit to present the autonomous mobile robot platform CONCERT, a multi-purpose robot for surface finishing and spray applications. The gathering showcased the latest advancements in construction technology. Alongside our development partners from iit, we presented the state-of-the-art CONCERT robot and its groundbreaking sanding application. This event highlighted the immense potential of robotics in revolutionizing the construction industry, and we are excited to share our insights and experiences from this inspiring event.

Modular Design
Why: The construction environment is dynamic and requires adaptable solutions.
How: The CONCERT robot’s modular design allows it to be quickly reconfigured on-site to meet the specific demands of different tasks, such as sanding, painting, and material handling.

Automating Surface Finishing
Why: Traditional sanding is labor-intensive and time-consuming, often leading to inconsistent results and worker fatigue.
How: The CONCERT robot automates the sanding process, ensuring uniform surface finishing with minimal human intervention.  

The innovative CONCERT robot was showcased live, a versatile platform designed for various construction tasks. The focus at the event was on the sanding application, demonstrating how the robot can significantly enhance efficiency and precision in surface finishing.

Benefits of Robotic Sanding

Consistency and Precision
The robot delivers a consistent finish, eliminating human error and variability.

Increased Productivity
Automating repetitive tasks allows human workers to focus on more skilled activities.

Worker Safety
By handling hazardous tasks, the robot reduces the risk of injuries on site.

Robotics and innovations for construction

The VINCI UK Construction Robotics and Innovation event brought together industry leaders, innovators, and experts to explore the future of construction. The event was a hub of activity, featuring presentations, demonstrations, and networking opportunities focused on the theme of robotics and innovations for the built environment.

The keynote sessions provided valuable insights into the role of robotics and innovation in enhancing safety, productivity, and quality in construction. The presentations covered a wide range of robotic applications, from painting and excavation to load carrying and inspection as well as the C-Surf One presentation from our sister company Ceilingsurf, presenting the gamechanger for working at heights up to 3 meters, enhancing safety and efficiency. 

Networking and Future Collaborations

The event was also an excellent opportunity for networking. We engaged with industry leaders and potential partners, discussing future collaborations and exploring new applications for  technology.

The VINCI UK Construction Robotics and Innovation event was a resounding success, showcasing the transformative potential of robotics and innovations in the construction industry. Robosurf is proud to be part of the iit CONCERT platform, a unique robotic platform at the forefront of this revolution, providing innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and quality. We look forward to continuing our journey, driving innovation, and collaborating with industry partners to shape the future of construction.

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