October 21

Solid Foundation


Starting Point for the Next Steps

A solid foundation is always important.
In our case, it is a steel frame with a weight of around 1,000kg in its beautiful raw state.

Here we will mount the robotic arm of our new Robosurf Wizard in the next few days in order to carry out extensive tests.

The robot arm will be tested with different app kits for sanding, sprayfiller and paint application in combination with machines from our partner Graco.

Graco FF for Testing with Robosurf Wizard

The next step is to "connect" the robot arm to a specially developed AMR platform to enable autonomous mobile operations.

The "raw beauty" of a solid foundation:

Robosurf Mobile Robot Technology for Surface Work and Paint Application - Raw Baseframe Robosurf Wizard

The baseframe will be sanded and it will receive a coating before the robot arm of the Robosurf Wizard will be mounted. 

Robosurf autnomous mobile robot technology for surface work and spray painting - robot arm mounted


Baseframe, Robosurf Wizard

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Joint Patent filing with Customer

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