Overspray Control

Preventing Overspray to less pollute the environment

The manual application of paint using spray guns has developed into a standard method of efficiently coating large areas and objects.

As a current state-of-the-art like process, the coating takes place in specially sealed rooms, so-called paint shops, or by sealing objects through “individual tents or masking” so that no paint mist or overspray can escape.

Not only that the creation of overspray can lead to inefficiency and higher material consumption, at the same time, escaping paint mist can harm people and the environment. Not good.

Robosurf's mobile robot systems, can be equipped with a different kind of overspray control (OSC) systems for treating surfaces, automates the coating process and prevents spray mist.

All Robosurf paint app kits can be equipped with an overspray control. In addition to individual work steps, entire processes for treating surfaces with Robosurf can be automated via its mobile robot systems. From the preparation of surfaces via blasting and laser cleaning to the priming and protective application to filler application, milling and grinding as well as the application of paint.

Robosurf helps to achieve significant time savings of 50% and more while working with consistently high quality. At the same time it is more material-efficient and helps to work environmentally friendly.

Superyacht Coating

Fairing - especially milling, grinding and filling - today requires intensive manual work.
The fairing process of the hull of a superyacht, for example, has always been a product-oriented process in which the process itself has not been further developed.

The usual fairing process uses large quantities of product, is applied manually, and is generally considered to be labor intensive and dangerous.
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Robosurf Mobile Robot Technology for Spray Painting and Surface Treatment

Robosurf offers new possibilites for faster, safer and cleaner application processes and supports sustainability. 

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Emanuele Mazzi


The reduction of the risks of accidents and environmental pollution, increased quality, less costs and production times are the objectives we help our customers to achieve by using our technology.

Emanuele Mazzi - Partner & CSA 

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