Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Program

The yachting industry is aware of its responsibility and is making fantastic efforts to meet the growing sustainability requirements for the preservation of our oceans. Also, new and younger yacht enthusiasts join as a new group of buyers and drive the industry to change as well.

The Water Revolution Foundation has set itself the task of providing decisive support for this development. In cooperation with the Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE), sustainability courses are offered in which experts from the industry come together to learn together and to better develop solutions for their own contribution.

As the first provider of mobile automation technology for the superyacht industry, it was an important part of our product development right from the start to help the industry. With ROBOSURF technology, we thrive to achieve positive effects for more sustainability in certain processes in new buildings and refit.

After participating in the course: Sustainability in Practice Management of the Water Revolution Foundation and the CSE - Center for Sustainability and Excellence, we received valuable information and a new perspective on sustainability.

ROBOSURF Sustainability Practitioner Certifcation

We are very delighted that after successfully completing the “Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Program”, we can now put important findings even more into practice and improve our contribution.

Coming soon: https://sustainability.robo.surf

The development needs more attention, more practitioners and strong support.

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