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VKS digitises work instructions. VKS is an industry 4.0 software platform that helps companies that assemble and have high-mix, medium volume assembly automation. 

Amazing Welding CoBots with great benefits for the Maritime Industry

Under performing automation
Force Feedback
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Real Time information

Using advanced computer vision and 3D sensing, Veo Robotics makes standard industrial robots responsive to humans so they can work safely side-by-side.
VEO is backed by some pretty serious inventors including Siemens, Google Ventures, Baidu, Lux Capital, GE and others.

A podcast from the series on "How to Automate". Jim and Lyle talk about the foundations of the building, specifying and purchasing of an automated assembly system.

Jim and Jorgen talk about:
EOAT end of arm tools for robotics and change out tooling
Intuitive user interfaces
Attracting and retaining talent in the automation industry
Building robotics for extreme environments
The culture of innovation and empowering people to do their jobs better is a theme throughout the podcast.

28 to 32 weeks is the typical delivery for an automation system in the industry. That is just too long for engineers growing up with Amazon's delivery model. The industry is struggling to come up with better and creative ways to deliver automation faster for these elevated expectations.

Jim and Craig talk about training, equipment ownership, collaborative robotics, collaborative technologies and labor related challenges, accelerated deliveries, partners, vendors and the ROI of automation.

Digital Twins
Software security
Data storage
Training and support

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