Which Construction Site method has the best Performance: A Comparison

Two who get along very well.

Current performance comparisons on construction sites with customers show impressive results.

CAS - Controlled Application System

Typically workresults are depending on experience and talent when it comes to using spray painting machines. The CAS - Controlled Application System from Robosurf helps us to create uniform quality standards that will help us to guarantee additional security for our clients with regard to the quality of execution”

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Baden-Wurtemberg/Hamburg, August/September, 2022

The task was to compare performance values from manual processing with those from processing with the Robosurf Wizard.

For the comparison, various performance values for the application of primer and paint were measured and compared in combination with a Graco Texspray Mark V. machine for sprayable material application. 

In the case of manual processing, it was positively noted that the work preparation was shortened by an average of 15-20 minutes. This advantage is compensated for relatively quickly if the material is applied directly by the Robosurf Wizard.

Depending on the parameterization, e.g. through overlapping and speed, the Robosurf Wizard achieves a 3-4 times higher area performance per hour than applied manually.


In addition, physically demanding work is taken over by the robot. Robosurf Wizard's autonomous mobile painting robots can take on monotonous and repetitive painting jobs, especially on large surfaces or ceilings. They offer consistency and higher quality when painting, filling and sanding. Advantages that, from the customer's point of view, enable the achievement of a uniform quality standard and thus represent security for clients and contractors with regard to the quality of execution.

Additionally, companies are already struggling to find and retain skilled painters to meet their current production needs. There are many approaches to automation solutions, but investing in automating traditional paint sprayers simply replaces the challenge of hiring and retaining skilled painters with hiring and retaining skilled robotic programmers.

By letting your existing employees become part of the solution with Robosurf's easy-to-use technology, you enrich the scope of your existing employees and increase the attractiveness of the job. At the same time, you can attract new talent through the modernized processes

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