The advantages of a 3D Scan in Superyacht building

Robosurf Hull Fairing and Robot Filler Application - Advanced Technology in the Superyacht Building Process

When building superyachts, traditional hull fairing and filler application processes are not entirely using modern automation possibilities. Therefor there is potential boost to increase efficiency and accuracy. However, Robosurf offers an alternative solution that delivers multiple benefits (link) and reduces the risks of accidents and a positive impact on sustainability.

After the assembly of blocks by welders, the analysis of deformation takes place to determine the next step. If the decision is to proceed with sandblasting and primer application, ROBOSURF automates this task, reducing pollution by 80% through its innovative overspray control solutions.

Following the application of primer, a 3D scan process takes place, taking into account any deformations on a hull that occurred during other areas of work, such as engine installation or installation of heavy equipment. The scan provides a high level of accuracy, which is essential for precise filler application.

Robosurf Hull Fairing and Robot Filler Application -  the advantages of a filler map

The amount of filler material is calculated based on the 3D data and final fairing. The result is a precise basis that helps to calculate the exact amount of material for the filler application. 

Robosurf creates a filler map based on the 3D scan to calculate the exact amount of material required for the filler application, resulting in a reduction of waste by 30% or more. With the help of Robosurf's own software development, the filler map can be transferred to the robot. The processing by the robot leads to a significantly improved material efficiency.

During the filler application, Robosurf utilizes laser trackers, force sensors, and own state-of-the-art CIS compensation intelligence software to ensure precise application, with no deviation from the exact coordinates obtained from the 3D scan data. This approach reduces material and weight, making the vessel more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Robosurf Filler application leads to a reduction of waste of 30% and more

Robosurfs' optimization software leads to a reduction of waste of 30% and more. Robosurf increases material efficiency.

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The high accuracy of the fairing and filler application process also leads to a positive impact on the vessel's stability in the water. The 3D scan and filler map provide excellent documentation, enabling future maintenance and refit processes of the vessel to be supported in a new way.

In conclusion, Robosurf's hull fairing and robot filler application processes bring multiple benefits to superyacht building processes. With its precise, efficient, and waste-reducing approach, Robosurf technology is a valuable addition to the superyacht industry.

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