Upgrading Construction

Intelligent empowerment of workforce with easy-to-operate tools: autonomous mobile robot for surface finishing and robot painters for spray painting

Superpowers for your Workforce

ROBOSURF delivers easy-to-use autonomous mobile robots and robot painters, revolutionizing surface finishing and spray painting across construction, industries, and the naval sector. Years of research and development and the support of leading industry experts have resulted in technology being ready to support you. 


The robots, can be enhanced with diverse app kits for tasks like milling, grinding,drilling and spray painting. They embody cutting-edge AI and Industry 4.0 technologies, automating tasks and processes to add significant value to your workforce.

Ease of use

ROBOSURF's intuitive no-code user interface transforms our robots into accessible tools for your existing workforce, empowering them without the need for specialized technical operators.

Gamechanging technology

A transformative solution. 

ROBOSURF, in collaboration with top automation experts, is thrilled to announce the test phase launch of our first fully modular autonomous mobile robot. Tailored for the construction, industrial, and shipyard sectors, this innovation is set to transform surface finishing and spray painting automation.

Patrick MacHill

Most of the few existing surface finishing robots are bulky, cumbersome, and logistically challenging on construction sites. ROBOSURF's first fully modular autonomous mobile robot changes the game. Much like customizing a car, customers can configure their robots to meet specific needs, with flexible upgrade options to enhance performance.

multi purpose platform

The unique design offers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability on construction sites, built with proprietary key components for ease of use, eliminating the need for dedicated technicians.


Future updates are streamlined thanks to the exclusive use of our components, ensuring unmatched service for operational uptime and seamless updates.

Most recent articles

Stay tuned for updates on automation and robotics for construction, industries and shipyards. 

What users are saying

I love it, re-flattening with the spatula is so much easier with the robot and I feel less exhausted at the end of the day.



Desch is geil, desch is geil, desch is geil (geil = German expression for supercool).


Regional director

I am very satisfied with the quality of the application and the speed of execution. 


Head of painting

Embrace automation and digitalization with ROBOSURF to shape the future of your operations and enhance safety and efficiency.


How many Applications are currently available?

The ROBOSURF App Ecosystem specialises in surface finishing and spray applications, featuring a diverse range of app kits including drilling, welding, grinding with force sensor and sacuum, laser cleaning, milling with vacuum, filler application, polishing, Ssandblasting, fiberglass, and paint application with overspray Ccontrol (OSC) systems. This dynamic system is continually evolving to meet specific customer needs, offering customization options for unique requirements. We also welcome the development of new apps tailored to your individual customer needs. 

How easy is it to operate the Robots?

The user interface, co-developed with end-users, features a no-code, user-friendly design, ensuring our robots are ready-to-use upon deployment. This simplicity accelerates the setup of even large installations, enabling test users to operate the robots effortlessly without the need for specialized technicians. ROBOSURF robots are designed to empower workers, enhancing their efficiency and safety. Comprehensive training sessions are included as part of our standard installation process, further simplifying integration into your workflow.

How much does the mobile robot weigh?

In its most expansive setup, the ROBOSURF Vertigo, a mobile robot, tips the scales at up to 30 tons and is capable of operating at heights ranging from 2.50m to 17m. The ROBOSURF Horizon, slightly lighter, weighs around 20 tons and functions at heights from 1.50m to 7m. The ROBOSURF Wizard was developed to test a compact, more manageable version for surface finishing and spray applications, weighing approximately 300kg and operational from ground level up to 3.5m. Future iterations will further reduce the weight to around 200kg plus accessories and will feature a modular design for easier handling and logistics.

These robots are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial settings, including construction sites, manufacturing environments, and shipyards, ensuring robust performance and reliability.

How are System updates carried out?

System updates are conducted online, with robots being updated and monitored through secure access channels to minimize downtime. Hardware updates or expansions, depending on the model, are performed on-site. We strive to mitigate any downtime by providing replacement devices from nearby locations whenever possible.

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