Upgrading Construction 

Intelligent Empowerment of Workforce with easy-to-operate tools: Robot Painters for Surface Finishing and Spray Painting


Upgrading Construction 
Intelligent Empowerment of Workforce with easy-to-operate tools: Robot Painters for Surface Finishing and Spray Painting


Superpowers for your Workforce

Easy-to-operate autonomous mobile Robots and mobile Robot Painter for Surface Finishing and Spray Painting for Construction and Industries.

ROBOSURF autonomous mobile robots and robot painters are extended with a variety of App Kits for Surface Finishing, like Milling, Grinding, Spray filler and Spray Painting to automate work on surfaces in construction, industries and the naval sector.

The Robosurf robotic platform is equipped with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) features, and includes Industry 4.0 enabling technologies.

ROBOSURF offers enormous added value by automating individual tasks and entire processes for surface finishing and paint application.

Via its smart robotics App Kits ROBOSURF speeds up processes, and enhances quality. From serial technology to tailor-made. Every mobile robot solution provides your production with an advantage edge. 

Be it as a light weight collaborative robot installation or as a large cognitive mobile robot that operates up to 20m height; ROBOSURF'S turnkey solutions help you to optimize processes with greater flexibility, higher output and improved quality.

Shape the change and benefit from automation and digitalization too!

The ROBOSURF App Kits Eco System can be enhanced. Further applications are in development and will make your solutions expandable. Together with our no-code operation interfaces you will receive the highest level of investment security. 

Best Practice: Construction / Filler Application

Robosurf Wizard autonomous mobile robot painter working on Construction Site with worker

The Robosurf autonomous mobile robot painter outperforms on construction sites. 

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Robosurf Wizard ProLine X2


- Sanding with CIS -

- Spray Filler Application

- Spray Painting

Latest News Update

Wide Range of mobile Robotic App Solutions for Surface Finishing

Welding, Blasting, Milling, Grinding, CNC, Laser-cleaning as well as Paint Application (primer, filler, paint) with different solutions to avoid spray mist. All app kits are integrated within one app eco system for a most efficient multiple usage of the mobile robot system.

Robotics since 2008

Our experienced teams have long track records within the automation industry and robot technology. ROBOSURF is the first solution for mobile Surface Finishing and Paint Application. 

Complete Service

We offer full service: consulting, installation, implementation, training on the job as well as serviced operation and Robots as a Service.

Test Installation

Convince yourself of the quality and efficiency with a test installation of one of our mobile robotic units.

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