Robot Technology
for Composite Works

Robot Technology 
for Composite Works

Mobile Robot Technology for Composite Works

The maritime industry is a successful user of robot technology. Particularly in view of the frequent need in industry to manufacture large composite components or to optimize
the manufacture and processing of hulls and superstructures. 

Robots can be used in various phases, from the production of molds and master models to the processing of surfaces.

Even trimming the carbon reinforcement and the finished parts until the gelcoats are applied to the reinforcement.
The use of robots not only improves consistency and shortens work processes, but can also release specialists who focus on the manual processing tasks that are required
in the manufacturing process of a yacht.

Discover the robot App Kits to automate tasks and processes for Composite Works. 




  • CNC

Fiberglass Application

With this App Kit, the thickness of
the sprayable fiber glass is controlled,
avoiding any human error.

ROBOSURF - Robot Technology - Fiberglass Application

Our state-of-the-art techniques not only make your composite projects up to 40% lighter, they also make
the hull shapes smoother and more efficient - which leads to shorter construction times and better fuel efficiency .

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