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Mobile Robot Technology for Surface Finishing and Spray Application. 

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Robosurf presents the Wizard ProLine X2

Discvover the advantages of autonomous mobile robot technology for surface finishing and spray painting with Robosurf's latest mobile Spray Painter for Construction, Industries and Shipyards.

It's Superpowers for your Workforce!

Years of research and development and the support of leading painting experts have resulted in the Wizard being ready to support you. In short, we grow your business with breakthrough technologies that empower your actual workforce and solve your labor shortages.

Normation of Quality

Not every spray painting result is the same when applied manually. According to experts from customer side only 25% of trained workforce for spray applications delivers top quality that does not need to be re-worked. 

With Robosurf CAS - Controlled Application Technology quality can be achieved as a standard!

Increase customer success by knowing the expected results beforehand!

Discover how we help your application business


By empowering your existing workforce to be part of the solution with Robosurf's easy to operate technology, your existing painters will stay engaged (and employed!) with your business longer. At the same time you will attract new talents due to the modernised operations.


Robosurf Wizard autonomous mobile robot painters can take over monotonous and repetitive painting jobs, especially the large areas or ceilings.

They offer consistency and quality painting, filler application and sanding as they take over the monotonous jobs. This frees your experienced painters for other more critical and value-added tasks.

Accept More Paint Jobs 

The efficiency of Robosurf's Wizard autonomous mobile robot painters allows your company to be able to accept more jobs. It can also lower your lead time.

The quality and the speed of painting and surface finishing jobs are an advertisement in themselves. This can help drive people to your business and give you the bandwidth to accept them.

Okay, that sounds to good to be true, but will this really work for me? Here's how you can apply this to your life in just 3 steps:


Easy to use No-Code operation Interface

Parametrize the work on Walls or Ceilings for Spray Painting or Sanding operations and let the robot do the hard work. 

Robosurf autonomous mobile Robot No-Code operation interface


Spray Painting

Robosurf integrates leading spray equipment for most professional application of paint or filler. 

Robot application vs manual application with Robosurf Wizard with Graco Texspray Mark V for spray painting on construction site


Impressive KPI

Depending on parameters like speed and overlap, the robot operation has proven to be 4x faster. 

Robosurf mobile robots for construction to automate surface finishing sanding and spray applications

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