Mobile Robot Technology 
for Surface Work and Paint Application

#startoautomate with the next Generation of Industry 4.0 Technology 

Mobile Robot Technology 
for Surface Work and Paint Application 

 #starttoautomate with the next Generation of Industry 4.0 Technology 

ROBOSURF offers a risk-free investment

What do we mean by risk-free? Well, in our world, a handshake is a handshake and that means everything to us.
The same applies to our extensive guarantees.
For that reason, we offer a risk-free investment in our Industry 4.0 mobile robot technology - without obligation.

The terms and conditions shall provide you the best convenience for a risk-free investment into a technology, that offers you tremendous benefits:

Risk free to test ROBOSURF on real projects. The client and ROBOSURF define time and scope of work. Full outsourcing is possible.

Keymetrics will be defined in advance to measure the performance - though it wont influence your option to return - this comes without obligation.

ROBOSURF guarantees the quality of the work done by the robot.

ROBOSURF operates the robot upon request against a fee or trains your own staff. 

ROBOSURF charges prices agreed in advance for traditional methods as an all-inclusive solution for the work   carried out by the robot and/or humans so that there will be no disadvantage compared with traditional methods.

ROBOSURF guarantees a full refund of your investment and will take back the robot without obligation if you are not satisfied. 

ROBOSURF operates its app eco system currently with three mobile robot versions:

to operate in heights
up to 17m - ideal to work on Hull areas, Superstructures, Tanks, Buildings and large Objects

to operate in heights
up to 7m - to work on lower areas and Hull bottom and large Objects

to operate in heights
up to 3.3 m - ideal to work on scaffoldings or on construction sites

Main reasons for Automation:

90%: Shortage of skilled workers & rising labor costs

70%: Improvement of efficiency and competitiveness 

58%: Improvement of production processes & product quality

60%: faster return on investment (ROI)

35%: Less Risk & Reduction in accidents at work

30%: Introduction of innovations

Covid-19: social distancing / stable production / reshoring

Have a look at a best practice example:  Hull Preparation and Surface Work Process

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