Robosurf mobile Robot Technology Applications
Improve Surface Finishing and Automation of Spray Painting  

ROBOSURF's App Eco-System offers a wide range of Robotic App Kits to automate Tasks and entire Processes for Surface Finishing and Spray Painting.

ROBOSURF creates enormous benefits by automating tasks and entire processes for surface finishing and spray painting. The Robosurf robotic platform is equipped with the most advanced artificial intelligence features, and includes industry 4.0 enabling technologies. It can be upgraded with tailor-made solutions for your specific requirements as well. 

Have a look at a Best Practice Examples for Shipyards: Fairing of a Hull or use in Construction.

Robosurf App Grinding

Innovative App Kits for Surface Finishing to to automate tasks and processes and increase efficiency and quality (Milling, Grinding, Laser Cleaning, Blasting (dry & wet), Application of Spray Filler and Spray Painting for Construction and Industries).

ROBOSURF Robot Technology Fiberglass App

Innovative App Kits for Composite Works to automate and increase efficiency and quality (Application of Spray Fiberglass and Gelcoat, Polishing, CNC). 

ROBOSURF Robot Technology Polishing Steel App

Innovative App Kits for Steel Works to automate increase efficiency and quality (Polishing, Blasting (dry & wet), Primer Application, Welding, Laser Cleaning. 

App-Kits available for autonomous mobile construction robots Wizard, Vertigo and Horizon.  

New App Kits? 

You have own Ideas for new App Kits that could help you to improve tasks or processes in your production?
Let us create together!

The reduction of the risks of accidents and environmental pollution, increased quality, 
less costs and production times are the objectives we would like our customers to achieve by using our technology.

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