March 9

Production Cooperation Robosurf Wizard


PRAMAC and ROBOSURF close strategic partnership

PRAMAC and ROBOSURF close strategic partnership for the production of mobile robot technology for surface finishing and paint application. 

Emanuele Mazzi

This strategic partnership strengthens our production capabilities and enables us to create further value for our customers in the development of high performance automation technology in construction, industries and shipyards.”

Robosurf CEO Emanuele Mazzi

Navaccio / Siena, March 4 2022 – Industry leader PRAMAC and construction tech company ROBOSURF close a strategic partnership for or the production of autonomous mobile robot technology. These ROBOSURF Wizard family products will be produced in the PRAMAC facility in Casole d'Elsa, Siena. PRAMAC is an industry leader in the production of transportation and logistics technology. Together with the AMR experts from AUTOGNITY, PRAMAC is investing in production and operations for autonomous mobile robot technology for construction and logistics.

The ROBOSURF Wizard family provides leading automation technology for surface finishing and paint application for construction, industries and shipyards. 

PRAMAC is owned by GENERAC, a fortune 1000 company, specializing in energy supply for construction. Their vast distribution, sales- and service network will support the distribution of the ROBOSURF Wizard family products. 



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