ROI &  Robot Technology
 for Surface Finishing and
Paint Application 

ROI & Robotic Solutions
for Surface Finishing and 

Paint Application

ROI Example for the robot use case in Shipyards on just comparing the Hull Fairing process alone*:

Traditional methods for Surface Finishing vs. ROBOSURF:

Robosurf Hull Fairing Process Yesterday
Robosurf Hull Fairing Process Today

*40% plus X reductions in time are possible. Further hard and soft benefits come on top.


Use the form to fill in your own numbers for the above process and easily find out for yourself!*

On top of this fast ROI, ROBOSURF opens new possibilities for quality, health, security, environment and a higher productivity due to 24/7 operations.

Discover the ROBOSURF App Kits available to further enhance the use cases for automation.
Many countries offer additional tax benefits for investments in Industry 4.0 technology like ours. 

Investments in Co-Bots can have payback times of just about 2-3 months. 

Extended ROI Calculation? 

You want to calculate ROI including all aspects of your production like material, logistics and overhead? Let us know and we will be most happy to share our extended calculation model with you. 

*ROBOSURF Vertigo, please contact us for other comparisons and use cases. 

The reduction of the risks of accidents and environmental pollution, increased quality, 
less costs and production times are the objectives we help our clients to achieve by using our autonomous mobile robots for construction and industries.

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